‘Prepare’ – topic for Illustration Friday

prepare-IL-Leena, originally uploaded by Leena Bagawde.

Everyday, when the day starts, we prepare ourselves with costumes, food, money, make up everything, whether we are going out or not! We plan for all the responsibility we need to finish for the day like, breakfast-lunch-dinner-kids homework, cleaning etc.
One day before your day starts try this, sit down quietly for some time, close your eyes, take a long breath…and ‘Prepare’ yourself for a day…’Today I’ll spend all my day happily, I’ll not get disturb with small things, I’ll not take stress…situations will come, but I’ll be stable and calm.’

Today morning while listening to a spiritual program I got an idea for this weeks topic ‘Prepare’

Mercury the Messenger – Illustration Friday


As soon as my daughter came to know that this week’s topic for Illustration Friday is ‘messenger’, she made a quick suggestion that I should illustrate ‘Mercury’ (Mercurius) – the messenger from Roman mythology.

Mercury is depicted wearing winged sandals that helped him make swift flights and holding a ‘Caduceus’ (symbol of commerce) in his hand. Mercury delivered messages from gods.

This is my entry for Illustration Friday after a while and really enjoyed making this pencil sketch.

(Information – courtesy Wikipedia)