Red Riding Hood in fabric collage

RedRiding Hood
A ‘Fabric collage’ from the very famous tale ‘Red Riding Hood’. I used lots of fabrics for this piece of art. Fabrics gives a beautiful look to your collage. Some of these fabric pieces are very old.  When I was in college during 1990-95  my elder sister used to stitch dresses for us. We used to go for shopping and get dress materials then we used to decide the fashion then the stitching starts.  But we never liked to throw the remaining fabric pieces. We stitched so many other things than dresses such as purses, bags, pouches, folders from these left over pieces…and then finally I kept these with me for my collage. I still have some of them! 

Corn Husk Dolls

Corn husk doll CornDoll2 CornDoll3

Corn husk dolls have been made by Native Americans more than a thousand years ago. I have heard about it since then I was thinking to make it…and one day my daughter forced me to do it…and yes, We did it!  It was really fun to make these dolls.

Illustration Friday – ‘sweater’


When I read the topic ‘sweater’ for this week’s Illustration Friday, the first thing struck my mind was soft wool yarn. I was thinking to create something with wool, but wait, I had just bought new sweatpants for my daughter. As usual, they were a bit long and had to cut them short…

Well, now you can guess what I did with that extra fabric… 🙂
Hope you like this warm cozy little pink ‘sweater’!

paper illustration technique


As I said in the earlier post that I am developing my own paper technique to create an illustration in 3D, this is one of them.

I have a sweet-tooth and Indian sweets inspire me to create this colorful illustration.

Hope you will like it…the sweet as well as the technique 🙂

a box of sweets for ‘Dessert’

Box of 'Dessert'-Illustration Friday

Looking at my other posts on this blog, you might have already guessed by now that I have a great passion for working with clay and paper. Over the years, I have developed a technique, which I have named it as ‘paper illustration’.

For this week’s topic – ‘dessert’, I thought of introducing this unique technique, which I hope you will like it. Please share your thoughts, thank you.