Three-wheeler ‘Rickshaw’ for Illustration Friday topic – ‘transportation’

I sketched an ‘auto rickshaw’, (for those who don’t know) a 3-wheeler vehicle commonly used as a mode of transportation in sub-urban cities of India. It is supposed to be the most convenient ways to commute, however, off-late saying this would be a controversy. A rickshaw doesn’t have any door, you can just hop-in and enjoy the ‘cool breeze’ while traveling. The ‘cool breeze’ part would be a fantasy now, as most of the times you may feel stuck in one, entangled in the city traffic.

Making those tiny round tires for this 3-wheeler, was a tedious job. Was about to give up and submit only the sketch as a last-minute entry. Just then, I saw a few candies lying on the table. Voila…they soon became those perfectly round ‘tires’… 🙂 Hope you like it.