Ilustration Friday entry for the topic – Toy (भातुकली)

Toy…when you think of a toy, you will find thousands of beautiful and different types of toys all over.
When I was a child, I had very few toys…and one of them was a set of ‘Bhaatukli’ (भातुकली) which means a set of ‘cooking utensils’. Most of girls in India are familiar and might have played with this in their childhood.
Earlier this cooking set was made of clay, then came the wooden version…and nowadays you will find it in steel as well…”I have the one made in ‘Copper’ back home in India!”
The treats used for playing with this were peanuts, jaggery, rice flakes etc. The whole afternoon in summer vacations were full of ‘Bhaatukli’ (भातुकली) playing with friends.
Childhood, the beautiful days of life…

For this week’s topic, I used ‘Air Dry’ Clay to craft this cooking set toy and painted it to give the ‘Terracotta’ look. Hope you like it.

Three-wheeler ‘Rickshaw’ for Illustration Friday topic – ‘transportation’

I sketched an ‘auto rickshaw’, (for those who don’t know) a 3-wheeler vehicle commonly used as a mode of transportation in sub-urban cities of India. It is supposed to be the most convenient ways to commute, however, off-late saying this would be a controversy. A rickshaw doesn’t have any door, you can just hop-in and enjoy the ‘cool breeze’ while traveling. The ‘cool breeze’ part would be a fantasy now, as most of the times you may feel stuck in one, entangled in the city traffic.

Making those tiny round tires for this 3-wheeler, was a tedious job. Was about to give up and submit only the sketch as a last-minute entry. Just then, I saw a few candies lying on the table. Voila…they soon became those perfectly round ‘tires’… 🙂 Hope you like it.

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