Mercury the Messenger – Illustration Friday


As soon as my daughter came to know that this week’s topic for Illustration Friday is ‘messenger’, she made a quick suggestion that I should illustrate ‘Mercury’ (Mercurius) – the messenger from Roman mythology.

Mercury is depicted wearing winged sandals that helped him make swift flights and holding a ‘Caduceus’ (symbol of commerce) in his hand. Mercury delivered messages from gods.

This is my entry for Illustration Friday after a while and really enjoyed making this pencil sketch.

(Information – courtesy Wikipedia)

Illustration Friday – ‘Propagate’


This illustration is based on the Illustration Friday topic – ‘Propagate’. Inspired by the tremendous snowfall, North America received this winter, with this illustration I have tried to depict the increasing snowfall on the background of the red-brick buildings. I’m a week late for this topic, but as they say – ‘better late, than never’ 🙂