Painted Easter Eggs-Spring is here!

Easter eggs
Painted Easter Eggs, originally uploaded by Leena Bagawde.

It was fun doing the floral art on Easter Eggs…Spring is here!

These are the original eggs, emptied from inside. I learnt the technique of removing the inside part of the egg from my artist friend Lara.  Then I painted them with beautiful floral art specially to welcome the spring!

I moved my some stuff to my country India. These cute looking delicate guys traveled half the globe by ship and then on the road by truck for almost three months…but still they survived…feeling happy for them 🙂

Being an artist…















You never know what you will get inspired by, sometimes by beauty, but sometimes an odd looking thing can inspire you. Like a stack of clothes inspired me today.  When I looked at it I really liked it! A chair filled with clothes with different colors and texture. I quickly got my sketchbook and finished this drawing. You never know what you will inspired by!

But yes, it does mean that I don’t fold my clothes if it looks good…! 😛

Illustration Friday Topic – ‘Beginning’



This is the ‘beginning’..we grow older day by day, year by year and life goes on.

I tried to illustrate all things that a girl child likes to have while growing up, right from her ‘beginning’ years. I used my very favorite collage style and pencil scribbles…hope you will enjoy it!

‘Prepare’ – topic for Illustration Friday

prepare-IL-Leena, originally uploaded by Leena Bagawde.

Everyday, when the day starts, we prepare ourselves with costumes, food, money, make up everything, whether we are going out or not! We plan for all the responsibility we need to finish for the day like, breakfast-lunch-dinner-kids homework, cleaning etc.
One day before your day starts try this, sit down quietly for some time, close your eyes, take a long breath…and ‘Prepare’ yourself for a day…’Today I’ll spend all my day happily, I’ll not get disturb with small things, I’ll not take stress…situations will come, but I’ll be stable and calm.’

Today morning while listening to a spiritual program I got an idea for this weeks topic ‘Prepare’

Mercury the Messenger – Illustration Friday


As soon as my daughter came to know that this week’s topic for Illustration Friday is ‘messenger’, she made a quick suggestion that I should illustrate ‘Mercury’ (Mercurius) – the messenger from Roman mythology.

Mercury is depicted wearing winged sandals that helped him make swift flights and holding a ‘Caduceus’ (symbol of commerce) in his hand. Mercury delivered messages from gods.

This is my entry for Illustration Friday after a while and really enjoyed making this pencil sketch.

(Information – courtesy Wikipedia)

My portfolio for Sketchbook Project – Happy Thoughts


Check out my portfolio for the sketchbook project – Happy Thoughts

I participated in this year’s Sketchbook Project, many artists, illustrators (close to 30,000 artists across 94 countries) around the world are participating in this project. Thousands of sketchbooks submitted by these artists will be part of tour that starts on Feb-March 2011. These sketchbooks will be included in an exhibition at galleries and museums as they make their way on the tour across the country.

After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.


Illustration Friday entry for the topic ‘Winter’

Winter-Illustration Friday
IF-Winter-Dec-2010-Leena, originally uploaded by Leena Bagawde.

For the topic ‘winter’ I made this unique looking Christmas tree inspired by a tribal art called ‘Warli’. ‘Warli’ is a tribe from Thane in Maharashtra (western India).  These people paint there huts with mud which is reddish brown and on it they paint trees, houses, people with a white paint. It looks so wonderful! I tried the same combination here for the Christmas tree!

Illustration Friday – ‘Paisley’ in authentic Heena design

Paisley-Illustration Friday

When this topic ‘paisley’ was announced, I was thrilled, as this is one of my favorite design patterns. Also, I’m just back from a colorful ‘Indian Wedding’, which inspired me to illustrate ‘Heena’ ( मेंदी ) on my own palm.

The ‘paisley’ pattern is one of the inseparable design patterns found in ‘Heena’ ( मेंदी ) designs. The Mehndi ceremony is an important ritual for a bride during wedding ceremony.

Hope you all like my entry.

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