Hello I’m Leena. Leena Shekhar Thakar-Bagawde. Welcome to my website!

I live in NJ, originally from Mumbai, India. I studied at J J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai and SVA (School of Visual Arts) at NYC.

I love art, art in any form whether its sketching, figure drawing, pencil shading, oil painting, collage or crafts. Clay is one of my favorite mediums. I organize clay workshops for kids as well as for adults. To see some of my workshop photos please go to portfolio section.  Besides that, I enjoy cooking because I believe ‘Cooking is an art too’!

I like to go on nature trails and I simply love gazing at blue skies with white clouds. I like to visit new places, new roads, like to meet new people. Love rainy days as well as the bright sunny ones. After I moved to the US I started liking snow fall. I can sit for hours just to watch the snow fall. I like to listen to music, all types of music. From old Marathi abhangs, old-new Hindi songs to English songs.

I enjoy nature photography and to see some of the pictures I have taken, you can visit – http://bit.ly/OcIPsZ

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